Here it is…the secret sauce to making your vision a reality!

The basis of most leadership conversations, in fact even personal growth conversations, is having a vision.  Whether it is our life, our wellness, our company or even a cause that we passionately pursue, it is vital that we can see how we want it to look in its most successful avatar, at the peak, in the end.  Once we have that vision – clear & detailed, coloured & textured, so real that we can taste it – in front of us, the next step is goal setting.  What do we need to do to get there?

And you will agree – that is where most visions splutter, get stuck between first & second gear & even run out of juice!  Today I have the secret sauce that can help you stay the course.

Normally, once we have a vision we keep our eyes on that vision.  Yes?  Everyday we are looking at where we want to be in the end.  What if we shifted our vision from out there at the vision to right here…at our feet.  Huh you say?  Feet?  Yes, our feet.  Once you have the vision clear, drop your gaze!  Focus JUST on the step you need to take right now.

Not earth shattering yet?  Keep reading…when you take the first step towards your vision (your goal), of course you move a step closer.  That step in the right direction then not only motivates you, it shifts your environment.  That first step now attracts the people, events, things that you need to make the second step.  So in that sense, the second step is easier to take.  And then if you still don’t lose focus and keep looking at…yes you guessed it….your feet, the second step will attract even more synergy.  Now, you will find people & situations actually “co-creating” your vision.  And if you still keep your focus…do you see where this is leading?

The secret sauce is that every step gets you closer, makes you more motivated AND makes your environment more supportive.  So each step brings you closer to your vision with more momentum till finally you are just riding a wave, or driving with cruise control.

So what is your work?  Have a clear vision – Understand the steps that you need to take to reach your vision – And then focus on each step, step by step.  That my friends is the secret sauce.  And now you have it too!